PS3 Yellow Light

The PS3 yellow light also known as the PS3 Yellow light of death has meant that faithful PS3 owners can no longer point and laugh at the misfortunes of Xbox 360 owners suffering from the dreaded red ring of death, or rrod for short.

Unlike the rrod, the PS3 yellow light, in most cases, doesn’t necessarily ‘brick’ your PS3 and can be fixed if you have the simple know how. What I have done is check out one of the current PS3 yellow light of death fix kits that is available on the market to see what they say about fixing the Ps3.

The one I purchased was a copy of is PS3 Lights Fix from

The first thing you see when you get yourself a copy (about $35.. not too bad) is that it asked you to login to their purchased members area. Fine and dandy and pretty standard. I was actually quite glad that it wasn’t just an ebook download to be honest and kinda thought that looking at the sales page with all the CD images and things like that.

So I login and come to this screen:

Before I got into the nitty gritty and went through how to fix the ps3 yellow light, I browsed through the navigation tabs to see whats going on there. The bonus section had some info about how to eject a stuck disk which if you have been dealing with computers for a while, is actually pretty straight forward. However it did have a really cool bonus of how to make your PS3 run on linux. There are people selling this information online for good money and these guys are just giving it away. Not bad for a bonus!

Ok let’s get to business. Going to the “Guide” menu it gives you the option to download your pdf guide. But it also gives you the option of downloading your guide in parts to suit those with slower computers or internet connections. I don’t have it too bad where I am so I just opened the whole file instead. The book opens and looks something like this:


I like the fact that the book starts of with the basics, stuff that many people don’t do in the first place. ie checking cables, resting the system for a little, unplugging, plugging… the usual stuff. If that ends up being your problem then I think you bought the product a little too soon.

If the basics don’t work, then the rest of the book will go into detail of what you need to do.

Personally I think it will take a little bit more than the proclaimed 2 hours. Mostly because I am not technical and I always fear braking something so I try really hard to be soft and gentle. The annoying thing is that when you go and get stuff like this fixed, the repairer ends up holding it like its a lump of play dough for molding! For the average non technical person I would say it may take more than 2 hours, but with the amount of detail in this pdf, there is little doubt that you will find a fix.

Anyway, the book is  almost 100 pages long (93 to be exact) and goes through the different problems you could possibly have with your PS3 and why your getting the ps3 yellow light of death (ylod for short!) I was a little surprised to know that a yellow light isn’t a yellow light and that there are various things that could go wrong with your PS3 in order for you to see the yellow light.

The download also gives information on how to repair a number of issues such as hard drive failures, PS3 Red Screen Fix, Blu-Ray Drive issues and a host more.

If videos are more your thing then there is a dedicated video section to take you through all the steps outlined in the pdf. I’ve attached an image of that section below:

The videos give a demonstration that is worth watching especially if your new to cracking open your PS3 and working on it.

For the average non technical person I would say it may take more than 2 hours for a fix, but there is little doubt that you will find a fix for the PS3 Yellow Light.

What I don’t like about this product is just some fiddly stuff. The layout is a bit average and probably does need for a bit of an update. Plus the navigation menu’s are put in really odd places, like contact is the 3rd along with videos last. These are really picky things but I’m sure that if you fix your PS3 that things like this will be the last of your concerns!

If you have a ps3 Yellow light issue then do the simple things first. If they don’t work then a product like PS3 Lights Fix is something you may need.

You can get yourself a copy of this product by clicking here or visiting

Feel free to post your comments and thoughts on this product below.

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