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The GT5Cheats Forum: Faster Than Ever

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Our forum here was recently upgraded to a state-of-the-art model with a bigger engine, grippier tires, loads of cool new features and a slick new look.

All usernames and passwords were transferred over for you, so you should be able to login just as before. If you had a custom avatar, that’s still available too.

Drive on in and have a look: The GT5 Cheats Forum

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Epic 2 Million in 1 hr Easy Money GT5!

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Wow… imagine.. 2 Million bucks for 1 hours work. And your job was to drive the Red Bull X1. This is the stuff dreams are made of.. or the stuff F1 drivers experience.. either way, it ain’t happening for me!

Back to reality (sort of), we are talking GT5 and a cool way to make about 2 million in about an hour. You will need a Red Bull X1… you can use another car of course but it will no doubt take a little longer. Here is goes:

the indy event in Like the Wind, if you use the X1 (any version) the race can be completed in ~2:45. that means the race can be run 23 or 24 times an hour. that includes pre and post race cut scenes. @ 23 times its 1.93 million credits an hour. @ 24 times its just over 2 million credits an hour.

if you are looking to grind for XP in a-spec I recommend the indy event in the dream car championship. in the X1 it takes ~5:20 to complete. you get 9819 XP per race. you can complete this between 10 and 11 times in an hour. so you can easily have between 98k and 108k in an hour.

Guess what? This is straight from our awesome Forum courtesy of henbone11. You can check out the full post and thread by clicking here.

Enjoy this method and share your thoughts.


GT5 Fast Money – 1 million in 1 hr!

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

That heading isn’t a mistake… you can make a million bucks in an hour with this GT5 fast money technique.

This technique is straight from the awesome Forum (now managed by GT5 star Stiggypoohs!) and was submitted by rockz63168.

So a big thanks to rockz63168 and hope you guys enjoyed this!

With the current XP & CR increase kindly offered to us from Polyphony, it’s possible to earn an easy 1,260,000cr per hour!

We are currently getting 84,000cr for a win on LIKE THE WIND races, so I’m basically hammering the SUPERSPEEDWAY – INDY in my everyday basic Japanese run-around……well, actually I’m running my 883bhp MAZDA 787b Stealth on an average 39 seconds per lap and generally winning each race by 13+ seconds! With loading times etc, each race takes around 4 minutes and nets you the 84,000cr & 3654xp too :D

Car setup (to make things easy for me!):

Mazda 787b Stealth
Stage 3 Turbo Kit
Titanium Racing Exhaust
Racing Soft tyres
-30 Front & Rear Ride Height
2.0 Front & 3.0 Rear Camber
60 LSD Acceleration Sensitivity
450 Max Speed Transmission
60 Front & 85 Rear Downforce
1 Traction Control
10 ABS
Off for Skid Recovery, Active Steering & ASM

Brilliant! You can read the full thread by clicking here and visiting the forum.

Sign up to the forum today and get involved. There is also an awesome GT5 Car trading forum where you can trade cars with other GT5cheats members!


German Racing Car Bug

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

When is 300hp not 300hp? In the A Spec Expert Schwarzwald league of course!

You need to be able access the Expert level in A-Spec mode, so a minimum level of 15, not too difficult. Its a German only race which allows German cars with a maximum of 300hp. I just entered it with my worked 600bhp C63 AMG beast.

You can pretty much enter any German car! Joel Kesseboom from the GT5 cheats forum was the person who told me about this. You can check out the thread here. He entered the race with an Audi R8 and others have entered with a Mercedes SLS Stealth car and just destroyed.

Super easy to win and a great way to make a cool 25k without breaking a sweat. So grab your favourite German car, work it up (or not) and make some easy money winning races and trying out your overpowered machine.

What ridiculous car have you entered?


Ford Focus Quick Money Trick

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Well, it’s not exactly a trick. What you need to do is save up about 40k and get up to level 5. This shouldn’t take too long at all.

Now buy the Ford Focus RS and move to the amateur league. Enter the clubman competition.

The races are relatively easy and you’ll probably only have the other Focus as a challenge but its not too hard. Win all the races at $4600 a pop and you’ll receive a $14,000 bonus at the end for winning the championship.

This take about 20 minutes all up… not too bad!


GT5 Cheats Forum now live!

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

The GT5 cheats forum is now live! You can check it out here.

Start a conversation today and talk with other like minded people about GT5 and get the best cheats and tips on the net.

Obviously its still a little bare but start talking and fill it up!

If you haven’t visited it yet, check it out here: GT5 Cheats Forum


Ford GT Cheat – Easy Money

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Another easy money cheat using a Ford GT. 45k for coming first and a whopping 26k for coming 6th! Cash up and buy cars, girls.. whatever.


Nissan GTR R35 Suzuka Cheat

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

This is one way to break the lap record! This is after the first corner(s) (two right hand bends) following the start finish straight at Japan’s Suzuka circuit. As it appears in this video… just keep running straight and join the esses half way in.. nice!


Hitting Walls in GT5 Prologue – Faster Laps

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

We all remember the previous Gran Turismo games and how you could simply scrape your car against a wall through a tight bend and gain an extra 2 seconds or more per lap.

Then GT5 came along and it seems that this cannot be done with their ‘penalties’ and all. Not the case.

What you need to do is make sure the FRONT of the car does not hit the wall. So yes, long gone are the days where you could just go head first into a bend and get an awesome sling shot out. But it doesnt mean you can’t take advantage of the walls! GT5 Cheats has worked something out! In GT5 prologue, if you hit the wall with the side of the car first… you can very easily slide quickly along the wall. But don’t hit front first because you will be penalized.

Be creative, use the handbrake if need be… and use the side of your car to help you use the walls for faster lap time! This is perfect for getting some of those almost impossible gold award lap times, and of course, the big money.


Easy Cash Method 2 – S Class (Prologue)

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

First this is for those who have gotten to Class S.

You will need to get a fast car. Such cars include the Ferrari F430, Audi R8, Ford GT or the great handling Tuned Viper car.

Now race the 680p Daytona race which awards $32,500 Cash for winning a 5 lap race. This should be really easy with any of the fast cars mentioned above. There are penalties in this race so you may have to give it a few goes until you can run a clean race and take the money. But once you have mastered it, you should have no problems winning every time.