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GT5 Cheats Online Racing League – Coming Soon!

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Okay… I’ve thought about this for a while so I wanted to throw this back at you guys.

I am interested in creating an online GT5 Racing League. With a really unique and catchy name like… hmm… GT5 Cheats Racing League! (how original).

I want it to be different so what I might do is run the league and offer some cool prizes to the winner such as cars (virtual.. not the real thing!) and stuff.

So what does everyone think? What would you suggest in a racing league that will make online racing really interesting and take it to another level?

I’m thinking the following:

  • Qualifying rounds
  • Set cars and performance benchmarks
  • Prizes – Virtual Cars, Vouchers etc (suggestions appreciated!)
  • Universally suitable racing times (to cater for UK, US and AU traffic.. a good time that fits these 3 should suit most I think)
  • Clean Racing (VERY important to me. No hacks or Crashers)

Please let me know your thoughts on a GT5 Cheats Racing League in the comment section below or visit the thread in the forum by clicking here.

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