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Epic 2 Million in 1 hr Easy Money GT5!

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Wow… imagine.. 2 Million bucks for 1 hours work. And your job was to drive the Red Bull X1. This is the stuff dreams are made of.. or the stuff F1 drivers experience.. either way, it ain’t happening for me!

Back to reality (sort of), we are talking GT5 and a cool way to make about 2 million in about an hour. You will need a Red Bull X1… you can use another car of course but it will no doubt take a little longer. Here is goes:

the indy event in Like the Wind, if you use the X1 (any version) the race can be completed in ~2:45. that means the race can be run 23 or 24 times an hour. that includes pre and post race cut scenes. @ 23 times its 1.93 million credits an hour. @ 24 times its just over 2 million credits an hour.

if you are looking to grind for XP in a-spec I recommend the indy event in the dream car championship. in the X1 it takes ~5:20 to complete. you get 9819 XP per race. you can complete this between 10 and 11 times in an hour. so you can easily have between 98k and 108k in an hour.

Guess what? This is straight from our awesome Forum courtesy of henbone11. You can check out the full post and thread by clicking here.

Enjoy this method and share your thoughts.

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Red BUll X1 Prototype driven by F1 World Champ Sebastian Vettel

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Watch the new F1 champion Sebastian Vettel hurl this X1 prototype around. Whats the Red Bull F1 Prototype do you say? Well considering that rules and regulations in F1 and other elite forms of motorsport are designed to slow cars down by restricting development or through the introduction of strict guidelines we get cars running at the full potential of the rules.

But what if there were no rules? This is called the X1 prototype… You gotta watch the replay at the end.. wow.