Time Trials

Time Trials

The bi-monthly Seasonal Time Trials are a pain sometimes, right? You can spend a lot of time trying to beat the gold or someone else’s time for a chance to see your name in lights. This week, PD has come up with a pretty cool event that is a pain but it’s a fun pain. Prize is credits plus a car, if you get gold that is. I know there are many experts in this forum but here’s a tip for the noobs, if there are any.

Getting a good time in a Time Trial means not going off the track or hitting the barriers. Once you set all four wheels off the beaten path, your white time changes to red and your current lap, no matter how good it is, is wasted. If you hit a wall hard enough, your next lap is invalidated so you have to start all over again.

Here’s the tip: For the first lap, stick to the track and don’t worry about your time. Get a lap under your belt to see what your worst time will be. As soon as you finish a complete lap with a time in white, save the ghost. If you keep racing without backing out, your ghost will stay anyway but if you want to do something else, make sure you save your ghost.

OK, next time you try the Time Trial, load your ghost and try to beat it. Get rid of the real ghost, the pain in the butt car that is you, by hitting the left up button on a Logitech wheel. I’m not sure what the key is for a controller. Once you get rid of the car ghost, you can check the map to see if you are faster or slower. Of course your time will tell you that too but the yellow car up on the map is a good indication of how much difference there is between you and your ghost.

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If you get a better time, and you should, save that ghost over the one you just used. Keep doing this until you hit your best time. I just used this technique myself, trying to win the car in the seasonal. I have silver now and need 13 seconds on the ‘Ring to get the car. Over 13 miles, I should be able to do it. At least I will know where I am slow, as compared to my last run, by watching my own ghost.

You may know that you can also load the ghost(s) of the top ten racers in the event. For me, this isn’t too helpful since I’m about a minute slower in this event so far than the 10th place person. In other words, he loses me after a few minutes. I’d rather have the ghost of someone who just nicked the gold time but PD doesn’t let me do that.

Even the fastest guy, however, can be helpful. Save his ghost and follow him as far and as fast as you can until he disappears. (I say he because I haven’t found any girls/women who play GT5. Are there any?) Using that top or 10th top ghost can give you lots of tips on the first few corners. On a track like Nurburgring, he disappears quickly but on some of the smaller tracks, he is with sight for almost the whole way. Use those techniques to better your time.

That’s it! I’m off to race online with the GT5 Cheats crew. Wish me luck!
By Waddy2001

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