Waiting for GT6 – How to Fill Your Time

Waiting for GT6 – How to Fill Your Time

There was a buzz this week about Newegg offering up advanced sales of GT6. As it turns out, this was either an error on their part or simply a fishing expedition by Sony and PD to gauge reaction to GT6 on the PS3 platform. Regardless, it was fun while it lasted! We’re still stuck with GT5 on the PS3 for now but, honestly, is that such a bad thing?

Not everyone is level 40 and some of us don’t have 1200 or more cars but many of us have completed well over 90% of the game. What’s left?  Everyone knows that GT5 is pretty much endless in its scope. Not only do we have the weekly Seasonal events but we’ve got hours and hours of depth in the game itself. If you’ve got those 1200 cars and wads of credits and are sitting at Level 40 across the board,  here are some things to try.

This week I went in search of some trophies that I didn’t have, the ones you get on the Photo Tour. That took a while but the best part of Googling how to get them was discovering the powerful photo app that is right there inside GT5. If you haven’t tried the Photo Tour, check it out. It’s the only way you get to ‘walk’ a track, for instance. The app has full camera control too. Over expose, under expose, all the settings are there. Do some searching and you’ll find a site that tells you how to take ultra-realistic shots of your favorite cars. Some of the shots shown there are truly beautiful.

Walking the track is plain fun in itself, even if you don’t photograph anything. Since you’re usually whizzing by at top speed, this gives you a chance to stop and smell the roses. Everyone knows the detail in GT5 is incredible.  Window shopping in front of the Aston-Martin store on Tokyo’s main drag brings that detail smack in your face. I’m thinking of taking a stroll around Nurburgring when I have some time to spare. Just kidding. There are some spots that would be fun though.

Next up is taking a kart on a tour of your favorite tracks. I mentioned last time that the GT5Cheats crew raced karts during one of our online sessions. In an attempt to get the highest top speed possible, I tuned my 125S kart at Sarthe. That long straight is about the best place to test top speed, although the Tokyo main drag is quicker to get to. Anyway, once I figured that 107 mph is the best I could get, I took a tour of the rest of the track, trying to move the barriers at the end of the first long straight (I couldn’t but I did discover that you can weave your way through them!).

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Then I discovered the various ambulances and trucks on the route, read the road signs and checked out some of the fans. I really wish that GT5 was as open as, say, Far Cry where it’s possible to wander anywhere you want. Wouldn’t  it be cool to stroll around that 747 on the Top Gear Test Track? Take a kart on a tour and have some fun. They’re fast plus they give you a different perspective on everything. They’re good for training, too.

Basically, if you’ve got your hands on GT5, you’ve got a virtually endless supply of fun, not all of it involves racing. Is there another game that you can pick up for fifty bucks that brings so many elements together in one package AND dishes out new challenges every week? I can’t think of one. I just remembered the course design part of GT5. It never ends!

Finally, here’s a challenge for you. Take the 125S kart and see what you can manage for top speed. I can get 107 easily but I feel there is more available. Tell us what course, what settings, etc. What’s in it for you? Karma, damn it! Don’t underestimate doing something for nothing. Your 15 minutes of fame await.

By Waddy2001

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