Why you suck at Rally events!

Well yeah.. I guess you really suck when doing the rally events don’t you. You try hard, try to be smooth and can’t get anywhere near the target times, let alone that nut job of an AI!

I struggled too… my car kept bogging down.. the thing had no power and me Loeb would just drive away from me like I was.. umm.. a WRC competitor 🙂

Let me let you in on a little secret. Its not you.

Here is the problem: GT5 as a default sets you up with a traction control of 5 and ABS of 1. Ever wonder why your car bogs down on every corner! It’s because you traction control keeps kicking in and you can’t get moving!

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Before you enter the race you need to turn the traction control to 0 (zero) and I prefer to turn ABS to zero as well. This not only allows me to get on the gas and have fast powerslides but also lets me do nice Scandinavian flicks with the ABS turned off.

Give it a go and watch your times drop! But remember you need to have more feel this way as the car will slide more but your speed out of corners will be worth it!


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11 Responses to “Why you suck at Rally events!”

  1. swiss_toni Says:

    thanks that helps quite a lot, i found it easier in the top gear test track intermediate challenge to put my traction control on 6, my abs on 1 and skid recovery force as on, this stops you skidding when you brake, but also gives you more stability round corners, only problem is it slows you down a bit

  2. Noah Says:

    hi. i want to please know gta not just 5 but and 4. so please nice guy, help. tnks

  3. Noah Says:

    :. intresting cheats

  4. admin Says:

    Sometimes the traction control helps.. but definitely not in rallying.. slows you down way too much!

  5. andy Says:

    Sounds like it will work with the rallying, i will give it a go tonight, can you give me any tips on how to get Gold on the top gear easy to unlock the track on arcade …please… PSN tag viscousgalaxy

  6. admin Says:

    The only top gear race that is difficult in the ‘easy’ is the Lotus one.. all the other the trick is to not brake much!

    About the lotus race? Good luck.. its tough.. be really smooth and brake early and gently, especially the first corner.

  7. Owen Says:

    Thanks for the tip man. I`ve been struggling my butt off. Hopes this ends my Dry rally spel…….

  8. Martin Says:

    Hey and i wondered why the rally sucked so much on GT5, when i had so much fun with GT3, BTW do they still have the Suzuki? I remember tuning it to over 1000bhp and doing 400km/h in GT3 but have not seen it in 5 yet, i have only been playing for a week… I also love the special stages! Going to try the rally thing again with the new settings after work 🙂

  9. James Says:

    This game is obviously to complicated for you if you tried rallying without turning TC off. I bet you use X and square to drive too? Tss…

  10. admin Says:

    Thanks James! I make noises when I’m driving too…

    I just think its silly they left it as a default.. why would they have TC as a default..

    Your obviously a genius.. can you tell me why they did that?

  11. Martin Says:

    @ James, I also lean in to the corners and what is wrong with X square, i switch between analog and buttons all the time…